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“I know your temptrack”

My Music


2016 – Hotel Praha v proměnách času

2016 – Mining: Technical University of Ostrava (R. Dittrich) *** Art Directors Club Award ***

2015 – Technical University of Ostrava promo video (R. Dittrich)

2014 – V lese je tma (O. Javora)

2013 – Prague Chronicles ***IBM Award & App Parade Winner ***

2012 – L. Reiniks Ziemassvetkos (Es Brienu Intro)

2012 – The Symbol (C. Woodbridge/H. Hughes)

2011 – Kamenny Pribeh (J. Vejnar)

*** 2010 – Winner of the FSM Composers Challenge ***

2010 – Domino (Z. Zajickova)

2010 – Pekelny Weekend (P. Krusina)

2010 – The Shadows of the Past (M. Klekner)

+ many commercials&promos

Born in 1989 in the Czech Republic.
Listened to hundreds of soundtracks (therefore bet I know your temptrack)…
…started composing in 2009…
…with no grasp of music theory or music education at all.
My music is driven by pure love for film scores with huge influence of my favourite composers: Hans Zimmer, Harry Gregson-Williams or Steve Jablonsky.
I own a small business license of Reaper digital audio software.
I have worked on many projects of various music styles, however, I feel the strongest with the big Hollywood orchestra.

Tomas Zemler

Music composer

Ing. Tomas Zemler
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